The Harmonica Pocket Children's Show
Our KindieRock project is growing. Music and performance the whole family--or anyone young at heart--can enjoy! Bcollective founders Keeth Apgar and Nala Walla raise ecological awareness through music, theater and a whole-lotta-fun. We offer shows and workshops year-round--Check our calendar for a show near you.

The Local Investing Resource Center
The mission of the Local Investing Resource Center is to expand investment by local investors into small businesses and nonprofits in communities across the country. Longtime Bcollective collaborator James Frazier of Natural Investments is Project coordinator. Go James!

Yael Bakal Studios
BCollective artist Yvonne Jarosz weaves her fantastic creations right here at the Bcollective Homestead, with locally grown, spun and dyed wool. You can also view her paintings and videos about the tapestry weaving process at this website. Beautiful.

Livin' Sunshine Foods
BCollective collaborator Rainie Sunshine brings awareness of food and nutrition to a new level. She's written a fantastic book of Live Food recipes, and there's more to come on her blog, including Paleo nutrition and gardening.